Seeking alternative sources of funding, utilizing the skills of staff and reviewing our expenditure will be a key ingredient in the implementation process. We will endeavor to:

-          Improve on the collection of our membership dues

-          Scale down on expenses

-          Initiate local fund raising e.g. farming (rice)

-          Vehicle hiring

-          Partnership with local bodies

-          More project proposals Diversity

-          Bidding for Government contracts

-          Establish a Consultancy for member bodies


Institutional Development

Improving on the Corporate Governance best practices and performance of staff will have a pivotal role in the implementation process.

Governance (Leadership)




-          To help them know their role

-          To avoid chaotic situation early enough

-          To ensure they are aware of the operations of the office.

-          To know they have the required skills and experience


- Orientation for Exco -

members ( make it is mandatory)

- Exco members sign a bond with the


- Put a disciplinary mechanism in place

- Two - way  communication

- Sensitize churches

General Secretary

-          Ensure he serves his required Term

-          Ensure best practices in the interest of the organization

-          Leave a legacy

-          To hold him accountable

-          Avoid leadership/ power struggle

-          Avoid breakdown in leadership

-          For free flow communication

-          Ensure cordiality

-          Know how he accommodates criticism

-          Signs an agreement

-          proper conditions of service

-          the appraisal of  the GS

-          Put a succession plan in place.


-          ensure their effectiveness

-          ensure proper coordination

-          ensure competence

-          ensure they produce results

- Do performance appraisal

- Request for their CVs - they receive

adequate emoluments



2. Staff Development

There is a need for more technical staff which this plan will seek to address.


3. Infrastructure

The current office space is overcrowded. The proposed Head Quarter site project at Baoma Village, Goderich, West of Freetown will be reviewed.


4. Organizational Restructuring

The current 2010 organizational Chart is considered inadequate for the effective implementation of the strategic plan. The revised organizational chart attached and the end of this document makes some alterations to the former pushing decision making power to staff closest to the action. This new chart is devoid of the use of designation for all positions. The EXCO will determine such designations/titles separately.  The Financial operations now stand detached from the Administration.

The Microfinance department is currently a unit operating directly under the supervision of the General Secretary; it is to gradually become semi -autonomous over time.

We envisage REAPS VTC gradually attaining semi-autonomy in terms of governance and self financing in the future. Feasibility studies to be carried out separately on this.

Monitoring & Evalution


We are committed to the implementation of this plan. This plan is subject to variations which will be considered by a team put together by the PMEL unit on annual basis and gives reasons for the variation and update the plan accordingly. It is however necessary that such a team be comprised of the member bodies and staff and that they give due considerations to the Monitoring & Evaluation policy of the EFSL.