The REAPS Vocational Training Centre exists mainly to impart skills training to underprivileged youths in a bid to empower them towards earning a living.


The centre trains student for two years in the following area

* Woodwork Department
* MetalWork Department
* Dress Making Department
* Electrical Installation Department
* Account and Business Department
* Office Duties & Secretarial Department


The production unit comprises of the metal and dress making, woodwork departments. These Departments are well equipped to carry out large scale production on contract basis. The contracts include production of furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, dresses, uniforms for individuals and offices.

The following are the challenges the centre is faced with currently and is searching for solutions to.

1. The drop in the number of students in the Dressmaking, Metalwork and Woodwork departments. We take this opportunity to appeal to member body churches and organizations to send their young people to the centre to be trained in these skilled areas.

2. The provision of funds to meet the day today running expenses of the centre during its low financial seasons i.e. during months when tuition fees are not paid by the trainees, and production proceeds are low. There are about three of such months in the year. The average cost of running the centre per month is Le8million (Eight Million Leones).

3. Raising funds to award scholarships to hardworking and deserving trainees who would otherwise have to drop out of their courses if they do not receive such awards. An appeal goes out in this regard. Remember no amount is too small as it will help reduce the burden on the trainee.



The REAPS Vocational Training Centre
The REAPS Vocational Training Centre


A REAPS Student at Work
A REAPS Student at Work


TVET/JBS: Providing an effective and high quality TVET training and JBS services to empower 750 youths (2011-2015) in

  • Business studies
  • Electrical Installation
  • Metal Work
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Secretarial studies/computer training
  • Woodwork
  • Tailoring & dress Making
  • Building Construction