The Evangelism and Church Ministries goal is to mobilize the church for the greater evangelization of Sierra Leone and to strengthen the evangelical fellowship and unity of the church.

The Department is responsible for conducting capacity building program workshops and seminars for pastors.


Travelling Bible School

One of such programs includes the Traveling Bible School (TBS) a program specifically designed for rural pastors. The TBS has helped many pastors and Christian workers in rural areas to understand spiritual truths and how to live a practical Christian life.

In one of the programs held early in 2006 a school teacher (Muslim) who was persuaded by his wife to attend the Marriage seminar accepted Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He became one of the delegates who attended the teachers’ conference at Lunsar and is also now attending the Emmanuel Baptist Conference church in Bumbuna.

Annual Teachers Conferences

The Department holds annual Teachers Conferences. The main objective of the conference is to train Christian teachers in evangelism and discipleship and to strategize on how to reach out to non-Christian students in pre-school, primary and secondary schools.  The E& CM staff continues to be in touch with the teachers after the conference.

Delegates at the conference

Students’ Missions Outreach Program

The Student’s Missions project was undertaken from the 26th to 31st December 2005.  This was done in partnership with Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Students (SLEFES). The objective of this project is to send Christian students as short-term missionaries to unreached areas of Sierra Leone to work with pastors/evangelists in gospel destitute areas to carryout evangelism and disciple new converts. The number of volunteer students was 40 from among various SLEFES groups in colleges and tertiary institutions. Students went to Moyamba, Gbangbatoke Junction, Bumbuna and Samu after a one-day orientation on the 19th December 2005 at the EFSL office in collaboration with SLEFES.

Feedbacks during our follow-up visit to the churches in February 2006 indicate that the mission was a successful one as we received very good reports and testimonies of transformed lives. For example, it was reported that two devoted Muslims who accepted Christ during the students’ visit in a certain village in Moyamba went back to the mosque, bade farewell and informed the worshippers there that they were now Christians.

Worship at at Crusade held recently


List of projects implemented by the department
  • Food sufficiency for rural pastors
  • Muslim evangelism
  • Jesus film
  • Bible training course for pastors
  • Rural church (re)roofing
  • UNCAC review process
  • Good governance (elections monitoring)
  • No of staff male - 2 female - 1 total = 3
Food sufficiency for rural pastors
  • A project for 120 rural pastors from 2010-2012 (40 Pastors per year)
  • 80 bushels of rice to pastors
  • 80 bushels of groundnut to pastors
  • 40 pairs (x2) of goat to the pastors
  • 40 big size hoes
  • 40 small size hoes
  • 40 shovels
  • 40 spades
  • 40 cutlass
  • 40 mosquito nets

Muslim Evangelism: Equipping pastors with basic understanding of Islam and how to 
  • evangelize Muslims
  • Seminars for pastors
2. Safe houses for MBBs (Kamakwie & Kenema)
  • Bicycles to Pastors (on need basis)

3. Jesus film: A tool for open air evangelism
  • Screen the film ‘Jesus‘ (Mende, Krio etc.)
  • Challenge viewers
  • Decisions
  • Follow up by the local church
Location: National

BTCP: A certificate level theological training course for in-service pastors
  • Facilitate setting up of training centers with churches
  • Mobilize trained teachers
  • Do orientation for teachers
  • Make available training manuals
  • Upon completion: graduation/certification
Rural church (re) roofing: Assisting small rural churches annually with the basic roofing materials consisting of
  • 5 bundles of CI sheets
  • 25packets of assorted wire nails
  • 2 boxes of roofing nails
  • Boards/ cash???