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Food & Nutrition Project {Bonthe}

Project Officer: Solomom Farmah

Locations:  Barri & Galliness Perri 


The Pujehun food security is being implemented in two chiefdoms ( Barri and Galliness Perri ) in the Pujehun district . The project is being implemented in seven communities namely;

Konabu            -                   Galliness

Saahun Massaquoi    -      Galliness

Vaahun Massaquoi   -       Galliness

Saguahun   -                        Galliness

Yuabu  -                                Barri

Largor   -                              Barri

Tambeyama   -                   Barri

210 beneficiaries were targeted for the project, 70 females and 140 male.

 The project includes the provision of farming tools and trainings, the tools includes

Shovel, Pick axe, Spade, Small hoe, Cutlass, Head pan, Watering can, Measuring tape and Garden line.

EFSL staff  trained the beneficiaries on the following;  Pest and disease control, Cultural and control measures, Lead farmer, Moringa plant and it uses, Swamp development and rehabilitation, Animators training, Postharvest and storage, Nutrition volunteer and Good eating habit. 


Developing swamp in one of the community ( Vaahun Massaquoi) 

Galliness Pujehun district 


Main drainage is been constructed


Rice field in Barri chiefdom ( Lagor )


M & E from the MAFFS handing over cassava grating machine to group executive members.


Cassava machine and tools been presented to local chives in EFSL Sub office in Pujehun town.


The CEO of EFSL took a picture after handing over of the cassava grating machine and farming tools

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